Fume Scrubbers

“Fume Scrubbers: Purify Air for Safer Workspaces. Our fume scrubbers efficiently capture and eliminate harmful fumes, protecting workers and the environment. Experience cleaner and safer air with our cutting-edge fume scrubber solutions.”
Our range of products include wet fume scrubbers, electroplating wet scrubbers, fiberglass fume exhaust system, frp fume exhaust system, fume exhaust system and pp frp fume exhaust system.

Fume Scrubbers Manufacturers

We at UK ENVIRO Systems Pvt. Ltd. have been in the business of fume scrubbers manufacturing for years. Several types of hazardous substances, pollutants, and toxic gases are produced during industrial processing. Fume Scrubbers are helpful in removing these toxic gases and pollutants to maintain the quality of air in the industries. Being one of the top fume scrubbers manufacturers in India, we are supplying highly effective fume scrubbers for various purposes.

Depending on the usability of these air or gas scrubbers, they are manufactured using different substances. We have professionals who have in-depth knowledge about gas and air scrubbers. They know which kind of fume scrubber is required for which applications and have been manufacturing accordingly for years. At UK ENVIRO Systems Pvt. Ltd., we supply fume scrubbers made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic, polypropylene, carbon steel, and stainless steel as well. We ensure that all the components of fume scrubbers are designed precisely and using top-grade material only. Safety is another factor that our professionals keep in mind when manufacturing these air scrubbers. Being one of the prestigious fume scrubbers manufacturers in India, we are known for supplying energy-efficient fume scrubbers. The size of these fume scrubbers varies depending on the application and the industrial size.

We at UK ENVIRO Systems Pvt. Ltd. are known for supplying it to several industries including power plants, the metal processing industry, the mining industry, the food & beverage processing industry, the textile industry, the automotive industry, the agriculture sector, oil & gas industry, health & pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, paper mills, and several other industries. We are well aware of the industrial, environmental, and government regulations & policies regarding the same. We strictly adhere to all to provide these industries with high-performing fume scrubbers.

We are the bulk fume scrubbers manufacturers in India, exporting them to different countries worldwide. At present, it has become essential for industries to install fume scrubbers considering the health of employees working there. It is also essential for improving the air quality and maintaining a safe environment inside the industries. With all these things in mind, we are dedicated to producing optimum quality fume scrubbers that are capable of eliminating different types of gas and air pollutants from the industrial air.

All our fume scrubbers go through the quality test to ensure their long-lasting performance and durability. We are available to help our clients get any specific type of air scrubber according to their industrial needs. We are ready to customize them and supply them in large quantities with ease by maintaining the required quality.

Approx. Price: Rs 1.2 Lakh / Unit
Wet Scrubbers
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Material PP / FRP
Dimension 1270x600x990 mm
Power(W) 1800W

Electroplating Wet Scrubber is used for removal of gas, vapors, chemical mist etc. these scrubbers are cylindrical towers and are packed with plastic tower packing or any other suitable packing for particular application.

Approx. Price: Rs 6 Lakh / Piece
Product Details:
Capacity 30 cmm~330 cmm or Customized
Function Pro-environment
Odor Removal Efficiency 80~85%

Features: - Compact design
Easy operation
Long service life

Approx. Price: Rs 2.4 Lakh / Piece
Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Brush Hardness Medium Hardness
Material PP
Odor Removal Efficiency 70~80%

Features: - Performance-oriented design
- Fine finished
- Simple usage

Approx. Price: Rs 4 Lakh / Piece(s)
Product Details:
Material PP, FRP
Size Customized
Type Laboratory Furniture
Approx. Price: Rs 3 Lakh / No(s)
Product Details:
Material PP / FRP / MS / SS 304
Size Customized
Application Industry
Approx. Price: Rs 5 Lakh / Piece
Product Details:
Material PP, FRP
VOCs Removal Efficiency 90%~99%
Oil, Mist, Dust Removal Efficiency 80~85%

Features: -Smooth working
-Long service life
-High accuracy

Approx. Price: Rs 6 Lakh / No
Product Details:
Material Fiberglass
Size Customized
Particulate Matters Removal Efficiency 80~85%

We design & Manufacture Fiberglass Fume Exhaust System for Steel industry, plating lines, phosphating lines, pickling lines, Galvanising industry etc.

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